You’ve been working on your website for a while. Your content is perfect, and your site goes live. Someone visits your site and searches for a word or a subject that isn’t included on your site.

What will they see as a result of that search? Maybe something like this?

screen shot of generic 404 page

Landing on that 404 page can be confusing and frustrating to visitors. So it’s important to do something to make them feel a little less lost. We’ve seen some pretty funny 404 pages, and humor is a great way to go. Or you could include a graphical element to tie into your business or blog theme.

For greatinsites, we created the following image of an office computer displaying a 404 page. Notice that the image includes our name and the WordPress cup and saucer from our logo.


Then we just added some text and a link to our contact page. Once we were happy with the results, we added the page to our child theme folder—to ensure that our page doesn’t get overwritten the next time we update our theme.

Have you customized the 404 page for your website? If so, what was your design inspiration?