When we started on the website for Rochester Somatics, the client had an ocean theme in mind. She already had business cards printed with an ocean image, and we found something similar to use for the website’s background.

As we worked on a graphic for the home page, though, we found the ocean background was a bit restrictive in terms of color. So we needed to find a way to continue the ocean theme while increasing our color options.

We had this stock photo, which included blues and greens and every shade in between. We couldn’t include the island in our graphic, so we looked for a picture within the picture.

Photo of ocean coastline

We used Photoshop to extract a section of the ocean and used that cropped photo as a background for the following homepage graphic:

Thomas Hanna quote on ocean photo from Rochester Somatics website.

Later, when the client needed a cover image for her Facebook page, we revisited the same photo.  This time we chose a section of the ocean that included more blue tones to give the Facebook banner a bit more pop. Then we added an overlay so the text would be visible against the more vibrant colors, and the client loved the result.

Rochester Somatics facebook-cover-photo

When you’re looking for website images, you might discover that the perfect picture is actually hiding inside of a larger image.

Maybe you’ve discovered some hidden treasures for your own website. If so, show us what you found!