A few samples of our work

We’ve worked with a great mix of clients that includes an 8th grade science teacher, a local accounting firm, and a couple of alternative medicine practitioners. Each client had a unique set of requirements and design ideas, which made the¬†process both creative and collaborative.

We’ll be adding more to the¬†portfolio over time, but here a few projects to get started.


Logo and website re-design for the Butterfly Society of Hawaii.


Kozy Pet Products logo


Kozy Pet Product logo_small


Logo design for a new company Logo design for a new company.[/caption]


Logo design for a new company.


Our own logo, of course!


Website for Kitty Kollar, a product designed for pets living with an E-Tube.


Photo of Fullerton Business Service home page.


Photo of Rochester Somatics website home page.


Facebook banner image for the Somatics practitioner.


Website for an 8th grade science teacher.


Midlife Flyby Home Banner graphic and website design for a blogger.


Under construction page for an interior designer's website. Under construction page for an interior designer’s website.


Coming-soon-graphic Coming soon page for freelance writer.


Coming-soon-typewriter Coming soon page for an aspiring novelist.