Maintenance and Support

Maint-and-SupportYour WordPress website is the result of a collaboration between the people who developed WordPress, the theme and plugin developers, the web designer, and the contributors to the website’s content. Because your website is a collaborative effort, it’s essential to keep all of the software up to date in order to keep your website running well and avoid possible security issues. When we deliver a new website, we provide basic guidelines for keeping your website up to date. However, some clients simply don’t have time to take on website maintenance, or in some cases they feel intimidated by the technical aspects of the work. In addition to keeping your website’s software up to date, you also want to be sure your site is backed up on a regular basis. How regularly? That depends on how often you add new content to the site. WordPress has built-in backup options that we can discuss with you, or you might want to invest in backup software, or we can do the backups for you. If we backup your website and the site ever becomes corrupted, we’ll restore your site (to the most recent backup) at no additional charge. We can discuss the best maintenance options for your site at any point during the design process or after the site is launched.

Additional Support

If we create a website for you, we provide one month of free email support once the site is launched. Beyond that, if you need additional assistance with your site—such as installing/configuring a new plugin, customizing the theme, or resolving an issue with the website’s functionality—please complete the contact form and provide as much detail as possible about your request. We will then provide you with a quote for support, which is payable before work begins.